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11 tháng 12, 2015


Choir as Music Minister | Workshop Nov.11, 2015
(41 people completed the survey)

1.    What information was new to you, what was you surprising to you, or you very much enjoyed learning about tonight?
-          All new
-          The role of the choir in Mass before and after Vaticano II
-          Everyone can join, hear and speak, pray for God
-          A truly enjoyable review of the sacred liturgy with special stress on the role of the choir.
-          Video clip about the old lady

2.    What was not helpful, or not interesting? What would you like to have less of or changed in a future presentation?
-          Need more illustration in Power Point slide,
-          Suggest the understanding the daily bible deeplier and larger than like the protestant! (original in English)
-          It seems that future seminars need more practical examples than just theory

-          Need more translations, some people can’t understand.
-          Should let the choirs discuss about their current role in the Mass
-          Need host/ introduce some training course for choir member to improve their skills, acknowledged the role of the choir.
-          Need send the handout before hand to read.
-          The speech was long, so some people was very hard to follow.
-          The presentation is a little short.
-          Should have a better sound system.

3.    Place a check before three (and only three) parts of this evening that you liked the most:
30 c. Hearing new ideas and stories about the role of the choir in Mass
29 a. Learning about the history of the Mass
20 f. Opportunity to review my commitment and understanding to music ministry
16 b. Learning about  Vatican II and Liturgy Documents
12 e. Small group discussion/ conversation with members from other choirs
05 d. Learning about the theology of the Church and lay people

4.    If there was another music ministry seminar in the spring, 2016; what topics would interest you the most, place a check before two (and only 2) suggested titles
22 d. How to choose music for Mass: the liturgical, pastoral and musical judgments
17 b. The structure of the Mass and the function of music in each ritual section
15 c. Balancing personal prayer with service during Sunday Mass as a singer
12 e. The spiritual formation of a music minister
12 f. Documents on the liturgy, what musicians need to know
03 a. Explanation of the liturgical year and liturgical books (missal/ lectionary)