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12 tháng 9, 2015

XXIV Sunday in Ordinary Time—B (Sep 13, 2015)

A.     Introduction:

a)      To the Holy Mass
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Good morning!
Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for our Sunday Holy Mass celebration.  Today we celebrate the 24th Sunday in the Ordinary Time, cycle B.  The Sacred Liturgy of the Word resounds at the same time with Saint Peter’s strong confession of faith in our Lord: “You are the Christ” and with the Lord’s severe reprimand which the former received for failing to live up to his faith: “Get behind me, Satan.”
We pray hard to the Lord for the strength of putting into practice what we believe in our hearts.
Kindly all stand for the entrance hymn.
b)     To the Readings
-          First Reading: Is 50:4c-9a
The believer has to suffer for being faithful to the Lord God.  In times of persecution his or her only help and support are found in the Lord.
-          Second Reading: Jas 2:14-18
Charity needs more concrete actions than mere nice words.  Saint James admonishes Christians better to do something to help less fortunate brothers and sisters than just to give them empty blessings. 

B.      Hymns for Holy Mass:
1/ Entrance: Now is The Time (EM # 102)
2/ Respondsorial Psalm: EM Page 205
3/ Offertory: All Good Gifts (EM # 206)
4/ Communion: Where Love is Found (EM # 123)
5/ Recessional: Prayer of Saint Francis (EM # 266)