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28 tháng 11, 2014

Artist Creates Psychedelic Art By Pouring Paint And Resin Onto A Canvas

Bruce Riley is a talented Chicago-based artist who creates beautifully psychedelic paintings of poured paint and dripping resin. His artworks contain a blinding myriad of details and structures that form surreal creatures or psychedelic mandalas.
Riley says that most of his creations are the result of pure improvisation and experimentation. “You can’t have any other intent but moving. You can’t worry about it, you can’t stop, you can’t choke. It’s obvious when it works. It’s obvious when it fails,” poetically explains the Riley. “The paintings aren’t about specific things, they’re all about kind of the same thing. And I’m not really trying to define any ideas, I just let it flow.”
Take a look at Riley’s hypnotizing works and don’t miss his interview in the video below.