Tìm Kiếm

6 tháng 12, 2014

The Simple Gift on Christmas Day

Of four seasons, I prefer Winter to other ones because of Christmas. As every child, I dreamed of Santa Claus appearing one day and giving me a gift which I had longed for. Until I grew up a little, I never received any gifts from Santa Claus.  I began to go around the city seeing splendid and colourful lights, taking pictures at every scene, having parties with my friends from Christmas Eve through the following day, exchanging gifts to one another.

Many Christmas seasons had gone by, I did not know what Christmas really means. One day, I had a chance to meet a pastor who explained to me the true meaning of Christmas. He told me that his children always longed for gifts at Christmas night. Then he asked them: “What if on your birthday everybody will celebrate, shake hands, exchange wishes to each another, do everything they like, but nobody cares for you. How do you feel?”.  “No, my birthday is very special to me…”, the youngest child cried out sadly. The father embraced him and said softly: “My beloved, so Christmas is not your birthday, is it? As you know, Christmas is the birthday of Jesus who is our God. We should offer him our gifts”. The eldest child asked her father: “What gift should we offer him, dad?” The father gently replied: “Just our love, the honest love that we share with members of our family, our relatives, our neighbours, our friends and also with people we meet in our lives, because Jesus is love”.

From this story, I recalled all my Christmas seasons and said to myself: “Why did I always want to receive a gift at Christmas night?  How ridiculous I was”. Now I contemplate the Bethlehem scene with all my thankful heart and I see the love that Jesus brought to the world in every person because Jesus stays in us all. 

Maria Nguyễn Thị Kim Hạnh