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6 tháng 12, 2014

(VN) Respond and Acclaim 2015 Recordgins: now available as YouTube clips

Responsorial Psalm & All - Second Sunday of Advent (Dec 7th)

Dear Music Directors and Cantors of English Masses in VN,
In the past, OCP/Vietnam has provided some of you with a CD set for the yearly “Respond and Acclaim” set of psalms and gospel acclamations.  But more and more, we find out that many people (especially young adults) prefer YouTube Clips rather than CDs, which have to be shared from cantor to cantor, depending on who is scheduled for the psalm that Sunday.

To better serve church musicians, OCP/Vietnam has posted the Advent responsorial psalms and gospel acclamations for the Season of Advent onto a special YouTube channel: 


Here, any member of your choir or any cantor can have instant access to the recordings.

What do you think of this approach?
Tam Bui, who works part-time for OCP/Vietnam in Saigon has designed this YouTube resource, if you have any comments or suggestions, you can write to him directly, in Vietnamese, or English.  If you like this and wish for him to continue, please let him know….or if you would like to see any adjustment, please let him know.


If enough of you respond with a positive affirmation of these YouTub clips, Tam will continue making these.  Tam would post about twice a month, so that you have access to the audio recording two or three weeks in advance of the coming Sundays and Feast Days.

Wishing you all a blest Advent and Christmas!


Tung Mai wrote:

Thank you So much, Brother and Tam Bui !
it's so nice !
God Bless all of you !

Dear Tung Mai,
Thank you for your effort to provide English Holy Mass with necessary material.

Fr. Francis, 
The Holy Choir,
Ba Chuong Parish Church