Tìm Kiếm

9 tháng 12, 2017

II Sunday of Advent—Year B (December 10, 2017)

A.     Introduction

a)      To the Holy Mass

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Good morning!
Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for the celebration of Sunday Holy Mass.
Today is the Second Sunday of Advent, Year B.  The message of the Word of God focuses on Saint John the Baptist’s call to people that the Lord God finally shows His merciful love to those who humbly acknowledge their sins and sincerely reform their lives.
Sinners should not lose their patience and hope for forgiveness and salvation, though sometimes they have to wait longer than expected.
We pray to the Lord God to grant us the grace of humility and perseverance in order for us to deserve His saving power.   
Kindly all stand for the entrance Hymn.

b)     To the Readings

-          First Reading Is 40:1-5.9-11

God’s promises always prove themselves very trustworthy regardless of the many changes of time, of place, or of people themselves.
In due time God sent His spokespersons, the prophets, to reassure humanity that His promises of salvation would be fulfilled.   

-          Second Reading 2Pr 3:8-14

Saint Peter believes that God’s goodness and patience are big enough to bear man’s hardness of heart.  Repentance of sin and return to God are valid at any time and at any stage of life.

B.  Hymns for Holy Mass

a)    Jesus Come To Us ES #35
b)    Responsorial Psalm EM pp. 37-38
c)    Our Blessing Cup ES #153
d)    All Good Gifts ES #298
e)    To Praise You ES #206