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12 tháng 2, 2018

Laaaaaạnh quaaaaá!

Lạnh đông cứng vùng Bắc Mỹ ...2018

2. A very white Central Park

3.. He wrapped up warm! 

4. A frozen Niagara Falls. 

5. The Deep Freeze takes hold.

6. What 63 inches of snowfall in two days result in. 

7. The Deep Freeze didn't deter these baseball fans from going to the stadium. 

8. The lighthouse and pier in St Joseph, Michigan, were frozen solid.

9. Even water gushing from a fire hydrant was frozen solid.

10. That's not Gandalf - his beard has frozen solid.

11. It was so cold in Canada that windows started to crack. 

12. Even steam from sewer grates didn't escape the Deep Freeze's wrath. 

13. The Forsyth Park Fountain in Savannah, Georgia, photographed covered in icicles.

14. An ice-covered pansy. 

15. Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis also froze over this winter. 

16. Chicago's North Avenue Beach covered in pancake ice. 

17. Some 53 inches of snow fell in 30 hours in Erie, Pennsylvania

18. Shame for those that don't own a garage... 

19. The paint for this parking space simply shattered. 

20. "How am I supposed to get up there?"