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16 tháng 11, 2013

Solemnity of the Holy Martyrs in Viet Nam

Solemnity of the Holy Martyrs in Viet Nam
(Sunday, November 17, 2013)

A.   Introduction to the Holy Mass
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Good morning!
We celebrate this Sunday the solemnity of the Holy Martyrs in Viet Nam.  They are honored by the Church as valiant heroes, not in killing people but in dying in the battle for faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.   They are witnesses who shed their blood in defense of the saving truth which they love and want to share with neighbors.
We pray to the Lord in this Hoy Mass to grant us strength in living up to what we believe and being faithful even at the cost of our life to Christ Whom we love.
Please all stand to sing the entrance hymn.
B.   Introduction to the Readings

a)    First Reading 2 Mc 7:1.20-23.27b-29
The mother reminds her children of how God the Creator gave them life when they were conceived in her womb.  It is the Almighty God Who will restore life to those who risk their lives to observe His Commandments.

b)    Second Reading Rom 8:31b-39
For Saint Paul only by loving Christ to the point of giving up everything, even our own life, can we make a worthy return to Him for His great love with which He died on the cross so as to gain for us life ever-happy and ever-lasting.