Tìm Kiếm

9 tháng 5, 2016

Be Taken Away Our Sins From That Very Day By The Firstborn Of The Dead.

           As many young people nowadays, I often think the most important day of Christianity is Christmas. It is wrong! You know how the death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ have affected our destiny.

All people would say when seeing somebody facing death is to do their best to save the victim. Nobody wants to be with the victim in danger. Yet Jesus not only was with the victim but also made the victim clean and pushed the victim out of the dangerous situation. He willingly suffered all in the place of the victim. You know you and I are sinners – the victim. He washed our sins with His blood and also prayed for our forgiveness “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do”. It is not obvious? What if you were the parents and you saw your children being persecuted in the hands of the evil people who even want to put them to death? What would you do? You would be willing to forgive them? I think it is really hard for you to answer. You may say you just want to tear them into pieces if you have a chance. But the heavenly Father forgave us because of his Son who was willing to lay his own life on the cross at once for us all - traitors, persecutors and sinners - that we are saved by Him. On that very day, he gave us a chance to go back to God with humble and contrite hearts “harden not your heart”.

I must say it is very difficult to be a good person without our Lord Jesus Christ. Many people I saw in my life, had to undergo different hardships but they never gave up. When they went to the Holy Mass, they seemed to become new persons, strengthened, after they received the Holy Body and Blood of Christ. Jesus Christ still remains in each of us. I saw their faces shine with joy and some were willing to abandon their evil thoughts and acts. A true story reminds me of that truth from time to time. There was a woman who had been waiting for many years for being reunited with her family abroad. She really longed for that day. With one of her close friends she decided to see a well-known fortune-teller  to ask whether she could go or not. When they arrived at the house of the fortune-teller, a young man went out and said: “My master could not see you today”. They came home and they thought they would go back the following week. A week passed by, they went back to that house with a hope. As before, the young man ran out to them and said: “You should not come here. My master said you were so bright that my master could not see anything when you were here. Please go away and do not come again”. They did not understand what happened to them, so they asked for the reason. Then the young man said to them in reply: “The Person who stays in you hinders us from seeing”. They asked him: “Who is the Person in us?”. “My master said the Person Whom you received every week”, he replied. They both remembered that she had gone to the Holy Mass and received Communion before they came here. Her friend blamed her: “You should not receive Communion before we came here. Let go back and wait for the following week and remember not to take Communion”. She nodded her head slightly and they went home. For the third time, her friend came over to pick her up. When her friend asked her, she confessed sadly that she had received Communion as usual. Her friend looked intently at her and said to her: “I told you but you did not remember… I think you should put on as many clothes as possible and we will depart in the evening. This may make you not bright any more”. She did as her friend told her. And then they went back to the house of the fortune-teller as they planned. The young man immediately ran out and shouted at them: “Do not come near. Why are you so stubborn like this”. She realized at once that the Holy Body and the Blood of Christ was always with her in spite of concealment or the passing of time and she cried out in tears: “O Lord Jesus Christ…my God…forgive me…please…forgive me…”. She went home and wept a lot with her repentant heart. Then she prayed hard and promised to God that she would never commit sin again. A year later, she received the good news that she would be reunited with her family abroad. So I believe that our Lord Jesus Christ will transform our spirit every time we run to Him. He never refuses sinners who in their weaknesses go to Him “Do not be afraid to return to God”.

The Lord Jesus Christ’s eyes always look at all of us, at our weaknesses, at our sins because His Love is endless and  limitless.

Christ’s Cross takes away our sins and His Love embraces us, leads us in His Way by which we will enter the kingdom of God – the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever.


                                                                                Mary Nguyen Thi Kim Hanh