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16 tháng 9, 2013

English Missal Song Review: Prepare "There Is A Longing" for Sept. 24th

Hello all,
On Tuesday, September 24th, for our next English Missal 2013 Song Review...
we will look at some songs for November (readings for the 'final things....")
and couple of new songs for general use.  We will also look at some Advent Songs.

Mr Tan, choir director at the Cathedral, will guide us in learning the 4 parts to the song (most of you know already): #228 - There Is A Longing
This is a wonderful song for Advent, and many of your assemblies know this melody already, so perhaps your choir would like to learn the arrangement by the composer?
If you do not know this song already, please prepare by listening and studying the mp3 before next Tuesday:

next Tuesday we will not have Mass, as we did during the Song Review in May,
but will conclude with "Night Prayer" from the Liturgy of the Hours, led by Sr. Victorine, FMM.

We begin at 7:15 pm, conclude at 9:00 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Dakao Franciscan Church next week!