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23 tháng 8, 2014

XXI Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A (Aug 24, 2014)

A.     Introduction
a)      To the Holy Mass
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Good morning!
Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for the Sunday Holy Mass celebration.  As we come today in the House of God on this 21st Sunday in the Ordinary Time, Year A, the Word of God helps us to strengthen our faith in Christ, the Lord and Savior of the world, not only in a common and general way but also in an individual and personal conviction.  Indeed, each and one of us must be ready to answer this question: “In my own view and personal feeling, who is Christ Jesus?”
With trust in God’s merciful love, let our mind and heart speak out of what role Christ is playing in our lives.
Please all stand for the entrance hymn.      

b)     To the Readings
-          First Reading Is 22:19-23
When the People of the Old Covenant wished to have a king to rule over them, the Lord God blessed and invested the monarchs in terms of being His representatives with almost absolute power and authority.
This would be the empowerment of the Church founded by Christ in order that God’s salvation may be proclaimed without delay.

-          Second Reading Rom 11:33-36
Creator of all and Master of the universe, the Lord God does not owe anything to anyone.  On the contrary, the whole creation totally and absolutely depends on God in what they have and what they are.

B.      Hymns for Holy Mass
a) Entrance: Sing To The Mountains (EM #139)
b) Responsorial Psalm: EM Page 194-195
c) Offertory: One Bread, One Body (EM #148)
d) Communion: Jesus Christ, You are My Life (EM #126)
e)  Recessional: A Grateful Heart (SB #224)