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6 tháng 8, 2014

Song of the Week: Feast of Our Blessed Father Saint Dominic (August 10, 2014)

1. Entrance: Now Is The Time (EM # 99)

2. Responsorial: Dominique

By Sister Sourire


Dominique, nique, nique, over the land he plods along
And sings a little song
Never asking for reward
He just talks about the Lord
He just talks about the Lord

At a time when Johnny Lackland
Over England was the King
Dominique was in the backland
Fighting sin like anything

Now a heretic, one day
Among the thorns forced him to crawl
Dominique with just one prayer
Made him hear the good Lord's call

Without horse or fancy wagon
He crossed Europe up and down
Poverty was his companion
As he walked from town to town

To bring back the straying liars
And the lost sheep to the fold
He brought forth the Preaching Friars
Heaven's soldier's, brave and bold

One day, in the budding Order
There was nothing left to eat
Suddenly two angels walked in
With a loaf of bread and meat

Dominique once, in his slumber
Saw the Virgin's coat unfurled
Over Frairs without number
Preaching all around the world

Grant us now, oh Dominique
The grace of love and simple mirth
That we all may help to quicken
Godly life and truth on earth

Sister Sourire, “the Singing Nun”

Original French Version
Dominique, nique, nique s'en allait tout simplement
Routier pauvre et chantant
En tous chemins, en tous lieux, il ne parle que du Bon Dieu
Il ne parle que du Bon Dieu

A l'époque où Jean-sans-Terre d' Angleterre était le Roi
Dominique, notre Père, combatit les Albigeois

Ni chameau, ni diligence il parcourt l'Europe à pied
Scandinavie ou Provence dans la sainte pauvreté

Certain jour un hérétique par des ronces le conduit,
Mais notre Père Dominique par sa joie le convertit.

Enflamma de toute école filles et garcons pleins d'ardeur
Et pour semer la Parole inventa les Frères-Précheurs

Chez Dominique et ses frères le pain s'en vint à manquer
Et deux anges se présentèrent portant de grands pains dorés

Dominique vit en rêve les précheurs du monde entier
Sous le manteau de la Vierge en grand nombre rassemblés

Dominique, mon bon Père, gardé-nous simples et gais
Pour annoncer à nos frères la Vie et la Vérité 

3. Offertory: Our Blessing Cup (EM # 144)

4. Communions: Where Love Is Found (EM # 117)

5. Recessional: O Light of the Church

"O Light Of The Church" by Fr. Francis Nguyen, O.P

O Light of the Church
Lyrics:  O Lumen
Music: Fr. Francis Nguyen, O.P.

O Light of the Church,
Teacher of Truth,
Rose of Patience,
Ivory of Chastity!
You freely poured forth the water of Wisdom.
Preacher of Grace, unite us to the Blessed!
Pray for us, O Blessed Father Dominic, 
that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ! (2 times)