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11 tháng 12, 2013

Announcement (December 11, 2013)

A Half Day Advent Time Recollection
For All Holy Spirit Choir Members

Dear Choir Members,
Blessed Season of Christmas is coming.  To get ourselves well prepared for Christmas , you are cordially invited to join in our Half Day Advent Time Recollection, with the topic “Let Us Go Out To Welcome The Lord.”
When?  12:30NN-15:30   Sunday December 15, 2013
Where? Saint Dominic’s Parish Pastoral Center, Room A1
Here included is the schedule:
1.     12:30NN    Opening Hymn and Prayer (Stand)
                     Hymn: “Jesus, Come To Us”, EM 14 #35 Led by Miss Tuyết Linh
                     Gospel Reading: Mt 25:1-13 Read by Miss Ánh Hồng                    
                     Opening Prayer Read by Miss Mai Quỳnh
2.     12:45NN    Talk “Let Us Go Out To Welcome The Lord.” 
                                                     (Fr. Francis Nguyen, O.P.)  
3.     13:30          Group Sharing
                    (Group A: Room A 1; Facilitator: Miss Ngọc Linh
                     Group B: Room A 2; Facilitator: Mr Cường
                     Group C: Room A 3; Facilitator: Mr Bình )
4.     14:00          Prayer of The Rosary: The 5 Joyful Mysteries
                     Background Hymn:  “Waiting in Silence”, EM 14 # 32     
                     Led by Miss Tuyết Linh
5.     14:20          Examination of Conscience
6.     14:30          Confessions and Spiritual Counseling (with Fr. Joseph Ngô Mạnh Cường, O.P.) 
7.     15:00         Open Forum with Tea Party
8.     15:30         Closing Prayer Read by Miss Thanh Trúc
                    Hymn: “The Whole World Is Waiting For Love” EM 14 #36
                    Led by Miss Tuyết Linh 

A Childs Prayer