Tìm Kiếm

5 tháng 12, 2013

2nd Sunday of Advent (Year A)

A.    Introduction to the Holy Mass
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Good morning!
As we celebrate the Second Sunday of Advent today, the message of repentance loudly proclaimed by Saint John the Baptist urges Christians to make a change of their lives so that we may be worthy of the Savior’s salvation when He comes.
We pray in this Holy Mass to the Lord God for the grace of conversion of heart as the starting point of the renewal of our lives, and also that of the whole human family.
Kindly all stand for the entrance hymn.

B.    Introduction to the Readings
a)     First Reading Is 11:1-10
The Prophet Isaiah introduces to the world the upcoming Savior Who is anointed with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Who will in turn grant these gifts to those ready to welcome Him.   
b)    Second Reading Rom 15:4-9
For Saint Paul the Christian community may bear witness to the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ when its members live up to the spirit of charity present in what they think, speak and do.

Hymns for Holy Mass
a) Entrance: Jesus, Come to Us (EM 2014 # 35)
b) Offertory: All Good Gifts (EM 2013 # 198)
c) Communion: Only a Shadow (EM 2014 # 196)  
d) Recessional: Waiting in Silence (EM 2014 # 32)