Tìm Kiếm

29 tháng 8, 2013

XXII Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

A.    Introduction

a)     To the Holy Mass

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Good morning!

Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for the Sunday Holy Mass in the 22nd Week in the Ordinary Time.

The theme for meditation today focuses on the virtue of humility.  Being humble is appreciated both by man and by God.  A humble person recognizes the truth that there are people who are more intelligent, more talented, richer, and better.  Because of humility, believers know who God is and who they are.

Aware of their weakness, imperfections and poverty before God, Christians would act in such a manner that they deserve God’s mercy and blessing.

Kindly all stand for the entrance hymn.

b)    To the Readings

-          First Reading: Sir 3:17-18.20.28-29
The author of the Book of Sirach admonishes the youth to be honest with themselves in dealing with realities in life.  The secret to success for people who are wise is to know their strengths and weaknesses.  They only do what they are able to accomplish.  What they think is beyond their reach they would not engage with.

-          Second Reading: Heb 12:18-19.22-24a
Christians are blessed for they have received merciful treatment of God thanks to the saving work of Christ Who, as the Mediator between God and man, obtained for them all that is necessary for a new life in the company of the saints in His Kingdom.

B.    Hymns for Holy Mass
1. Entrance: Let Heaven Rejoice (EM# 99)
2. Responsorial psalm (EM, p.210)
3. Offertory: Our Blessing Cup (EM#151)
4. Communion: God, Who Created Hearts to Love (EM#118)
5. Recessional: All The Ends Of The Earth (EM#179)