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22 tháng 9, 2017

XXV Sunday in Ordinary Time-Year A (Sep 24, 2017)

A.   Introduction
a)    To the Holy Mass
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Good morning!
Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for the Sunday Holy Mass celebration.
As we come on this 25th Sunday to worship God, Our heavenly Father, we listen to His call urging each and one of us to work for His Kingdom.
The focal point of this Sunday message, to our big surprise, is not about how much we have contributed in God’s project, but rather about how generously God treats all of us, His children.
We thank the Lord God for the honor to take part in the building of His Kingdom by accomplishing our everyday responsibilities, looking for not ours but His great glory.
Please all stand for the entrance hymn.     

b)   To the Readings
-       First Reading: Is 55:6-9
Confronting God’s love and mercy, man’s wrongdoings of different forms and natures cannot cause any trouble to prevent saving power from reaching sinners, only if they repent of their sins and turn to Him.   
-       Second Reading: Phil 1: 20c-24.27  
Between worshipping God and serving neighbors, Christians should find a close interrelation and interaction.  In the Last Judgment, Christ acknowledges good deeds done to those in needs as being done to Himself.

B.   Hymns for Holy Mass
a) Entrance: Let Us Go To The Altar (ES #140)
b) Responsorial Psalm: EM Page 196
c) Offertory: Our Blessing Cup (ES #153)
d) Communion: O God, You Search Me (ES #230)
e)  Recessional: Hail, Holy Queen (ES #354)