Tìm Kiếm

30 tháng 7, 2017

Homily for XVII Sunday In Ordinary Time, Year A (July 30, 2017)

The Treasure Hidden in A Field
(see Mt 13:44)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The Gospel story of the treasure hidden in a field sends us a message deeply rich in Christian way of life.  A man happened to find a treasure secretly buried in the earth and he did everything necessary to buy the land in order to take possession of the treasure.

Who is the man mentioned here?  The man represents anyone in our society worthy of being called human person, always thirsty for the meaning of their life here on earth, and having done their best to look for it.

When looking around us, we often see most of people are greatly worried about how to build a happy life, understood as one filled with luxury comforts, such as expensive jewellery, delicious food, brand new car, a four digit bank account.  They have spent much time of their life working for this purpose.

There are also people who have little or even no concern for the meaning of their life.  The only concern that they harbor in mind and heart is nothing other than fully living every moment of the present, because they maintain that man came into the world in order to enjoy this life and that nothing left after this life ends.
Christians, on the contrary, are taught by their faith in the Holy Bible that they came from God Who made them in His image, having the four gifts given to them by God, their heavenly Father, namely intelligence to know the truth; a will to love the beauty; a conscience to discern the good and the evil; and finally freedom in order to act as a human person, responsible for their thoughts, words and deeds.

Christians do know that all things in this world are gifts from God: the food which they eat; the water which they drink, the air which they breathe.  Their life is also a very precious gift which they receive from God.  In one word, Christians surely know that they owe God all that they have and all that they are.   

Now, we may go to the second question, that of what the treasure hidden in the earth means.

The treasure appears to be the knowledge of the final goal of our life here on earth.

Christians know that their origin can be traced back as being created by God Who so loved them that when they sinned against His love, God did not punish them.  Instead, God sent His only Son to rescue them from the power of the forces of evil.

Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, taught us the lesson of how to offer our life to the fulfillment of the Holy Will of God.  He not only taught us this truth but He also put this truth into practice by doing the Holy Will of God with all His mind and heart.  Doing the Holy Will of God, as Jesus understood, taught and did, means to give up His own will, even to lay down His own life on the cross.

For this reason, Saint Paul taught us that no one among us should live for themselves but for God, and if they die, it is for God that they die.

Knowing the purpose of our life here on earth is really finding a treasure hidden in the earth.

The wise decision we, Christians, have to make now is to give up everything in order to obtain the land where the treasure is buried. Amen.

Fr. Francis Nguyen Van Nhut, O.P.