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22 tháng 1, 2022


 Hollywood is not for everyone, and Dolores Hart is an example of that. Her perfect smile and dreamy blue eyes made men melt, but she wasn’t just about the looks. Her acting skills had also been remarkable. Surprisingly, she made her last acting appearances during the ’60s, and she then disappeared from the limelight to lead a monastery life. In 2011, she talked about her transformation from a gorgeous actress to a nun in the God Is Bigger Than Elvis documentary.

When Christopher Plummer accepted the role in the movie The Sound of Music back in 1965, it immediately boosted his career together with his earnings. From that moment on, Plummer appeared in so many films and TV shows, and he eventually earned himself a fortune of $20 million. We can’t deny that in his late 80s, the actor is showing an amazing health and body figure.