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28 tháng 11, 2020

Email Thầy Rufino và email hồi đáp của Cha Francis

 Hello Fr. Francis,

Greetings from California.  I had hoped to be allowed to return to Saigon by this Christmas, but that is not looking feasible.  Who knows when this foreigner will be allowed to re-enter Vietnam!    Until we meet again, wishing you a blest new liturgical year.

For English Missal 2021, here is the YouTube playlist for the psalms as found in Respond and Acclaim 2021.  If you could pass this resource on to your cantors?
Thanks much and let us hold each other in prayer.


(also, I have a yahoo and gmail account, for you…I think that only the gmail account is current…could you confirm if I should delete the yahoo account for you?)




Dear Brother Rufino,
Thank you so much for your greeting and blessing.
I am so moved by the fact that you, no matter where in the world you might be, have almost wholly left your loving and caring heart here in Việt Nam.  So, then, how could anyone regard you, a kind and close friend and brother of ours, as "that foreigner"?
We pray to the Great I Am for just a simple Christmas gift that we will meet on His coming Birthday celebration in this country into the spiritual benefits of which you have contributed much of your time and love.
God bless,
NB I have received through Tâm 4 copies of the 2021 workbooks for lectors, Gospel readers and proclaimers of the Word.
Many thanks.