Tìm Kiếm

31 tháng 10, 2019

Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time—C (November 3, 2019)

A.     Introduction

a)      To the Holy Mass

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Good morning!
Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for the celebration of Sunday Holy Mass.
As we celebrate this Thirty-first Sunday in the Ordinary Time, Year C, the message of God’s Word comes to us as a very strongly comforting and inspiring proclamation of God’s love for those who trust in Him.  God listens to them and will surely answer their prayers.

b)     To the Readings

-          First Reading: Wis 11:22—12:2

The Lord God is great and powerful but He always loves and cares for all creatures.  He blesses the sick, the poor and the just.  He is patient and merciful in dealing with sinners to save them.

-          Second Reading: 2 Thes 1:11—2:2

Saint Paul urges Christians to be confident in God’s merciful and powerful love in order to serve Him faithfully.  The saint also tells his followers not to allow false teachers to deceive them with wrong doctrine on the second coming of the Lord.

B. Hymns for Holy Mass
a) Entrance: ES #191: “Glory and Praise to Our God”
b) Responsorial Psalm: EM page 230
c) Response to Universal Prayer: “Hear us O Lord! 
d) Offertory: ES #153: “Our Blessing Cup”
e) Communion: ES #284: “Prayer of Saint Francis”
f) Recessional: ES #206:“To Praise You”

The Holy Spirit Choir