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20 tháng 10, 2018

XXIX Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B (Oct 21, 2018)

A. Introduction

a) To the Holy Mass

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Good morning!
Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for Sunday Holy Mass celebration of the 29th Week in the Ordinary Time, Cycle B. As we listen to the Gospel story, we come to know the reality that the in the Church governing power of leaders should be meant to serve the common good of God’s children.
Today is the third Sunday of October, traditionally observed in the Church as World Mission Sunday. This special celebration was established by Pope Pius XI in 1926 and commemorated for the first time in 1927. The principal intentions of the World Mission Sunday are to encourage prayer and actions in all Christian communities from parishes, dioceses and institutes to religious congregations, for the Church’s evangelization mission. We pray in this Holy Mass for the Church’s humble leaders and successful mission.
Please all stand for the entrance hymn.

b) To the Readings

- First Reading: Is 53:10-11
The Prophet Isaiah describes the face of the Savior as that of the obedient and suffering Servant who by dedicating his life to serve the Lord God pleased Him and saved humanity.

- Second Reading: Heb 4:14-16
For our deliverance from the power of evil forces, Christ, the Son of God, took our human nature in order for us sinners to be convinced of God’s merciful love.

B. Hymns For Holy Mass

a) ES #133 - “Table Of Plenty”
b) EM page 218
c) ES #159 - “Bread For The World”
d) ES #327 - “We Belong To You”
e) ES #347 - “Salve, Regina”