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9 tháng 9, 2014

September 30th: "English Missal 2014" Song Review OR Cantor workshop? What do you prefer?

Dear Musicians in Saigon,
Hope you all had a good summer.  I am now back in SE Asia for six weeks and looking at scheduling another “English Missal 2014” Song Review for 
Tuesday night, September 30th, at Dakao Church.

However, from going to various English Masses, I see that perhaps there might be a need to have a workshop about cantoring:

what is the role of the cantor? (not as a soloist performer but as a music minister)
where and how should the responsorial psalm be sung?
what are the techniques of inviting the assembly to join in the psalm refrain?

So, I would like to hear your opinion….
what would you prefer more:

a) Song Review - to learn some new songs from English Missal  (for everyone, anyone can attend)


b) Cantor Workshop - a presentation about the ministry of cantor (for cantors, and anyone else interested in listening)

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions about this?

If so, please let me know by Wednesday morning, September 10th.  Thanks!


P/s: Mọi ý kiến có thể gửi vào email Thầy Rufino: rufinoz@yahoo.com. 
Thanks! :)