Tìm Kiếm

23 tháng 1, 2014

III Sunday in Ordinary Time A (January 26, 2014)

A.    Introduction
a)     To the Holy Mass
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Good morning!
Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for the Sunday Holy Mass celebration.  The message of the readings from the Holy Bible this Sunday tells us about Our Lord Jesus Christ’s preaching of the Good News of salvation.  We need to repent of our wrongdoings to be worthy of God’s Kingdom.  Unity among believers in Christ is clearly the sign of those already saved from evil consequences of sin such as rivalries, pride, hatred and division.
Please all stand to join in the singing of the entrance hymn.

b)    To the Readings
-          First Reading Is 8:23-9:3
Without the light of divine wisdom, people walk in the darkness of error, fear and death.  Once brought to the radiance of God’s saving truth they find the way to life ever happy and everlasting.
-          Second Reading 1 Cor 7:10-13
Unity among Christians has been so vital for the Church founded by Christ since the early times that Saint Paul urges us to fight against all forms of division no matter what reason they could have to justify their failure in living up to the Lord’s burning desire that His disciples be one as the Father and the Son are one.    

B.    Hymns for Holy Mass
a) Entrance: Sing A New Song (EM#137)
b) Offertory: Where There is Love (EM#116)
c) Communion: O Beauty, Ever Ancient (EM#248)
d) Recessional: Prayer of St. Francis (EM#245)