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8 tháng 1, 2014

English Missal 2014 Song Review

English Missal 2014 Song Review
January 7, 2014
Ba Chuong Church

CSsR Postulants of Mai Thon
#184 Sing A New Church (Nisbe conducts)
#174 All the Ends of the Earth (Vu cantors)

Taize/ Lumen Members
#208 The Lord Is My Light (Quyen cantors)

Holy Spirit Choir
#187 He Is the Lord (Mary Hong cantors)
#118 Fly Like A Bird (Thanh and Tri cantor)

Christ The King Choir (Ms. Minh Ha conducting)
#62 In These Days of Lenten Journey (Quan cantors)
#63 Save Your People (Duc cantors)

SOW Choir/ Various Cantors
#83 Way of the Cross (Nisbe and Vincent cantor)

#227 Holy Darkness (Vincent and Duy cantor)

#73 Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley (SOW Choir)
#74 Somebody’s Knocking At Your Door (Kien cantors)

Night Prayer (Fr. Joseph Nguyen, O.P.)