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16 tháng 1, 2019

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C (Jan 20, 2019)

A. Introduction

a) To the Holy Mass

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Good morning!
Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for the celebration of Sunday Holy Mass. Today we celebrate the Second Sunday in the Ordinary Time, Year C. The Gospel according to Saint John tells us how Christ turned water into wine at the wedding at Cana. The key to the miracle was the instruction which the Blessed Mother gave to the couple, “Do whatever the Lord tells you.” We pray fervently in this Holy Mass for the blessing of putting the Word of God into practice.
Please all stand for the entrance hymn.

b) To the Readings

- First Reading: Is 62:1-5
The saving power of the Lord God has changed the life and the fate of the People of Israel. All forms of misfortune were removed and bright days had come.

- Second Reading: 1 Cor 12:4-11
The Holy Spirit is the principle of the Church’s unity. This teaching provides Christians with the proof for the distinction between those really working for the common good of the People of God and those only caring for their personal interest.

B. Hymns For Holy Mass

a) ES #120 - “Let Heaven Rejoice”
b) EM page 63
c) ES #298 - “All Good Gifts”
d) ES #336 - “Where Love Is Found”
e) ES #261 - “Love Goes On”