Tìm Kiếm

15 tháng 1, 2019

Nhut, thank you for the Christmas gifts and Tet greetings

Dear Fr. Francis,
I am now on my way home to California.  Wanted to thank you again for the Christmas gifts from the Holy Spirit choir, the backpack and t-shirt with the wonderful, colorful design.  Also, such a pleasure to join you and the Holy Spirit choir and worshipping community of Ba Chuong for Christmas several weeks ago.  Thank you for the warm reception afterwards.

Since I will be away during Tet, wishing you and the Holy Spirit choir a wonderful Lunar New Year Celebration.  Let us keep each other in prayer and hope to see you in early or mid April, when I return to South East Asia.  Until then, blessings on your ministry and service to the English speaking community at Ba Chuong.




Dear Brother Rufino,
So happy to learn from you good news with regard to your going home in the US and sacred music service in all over the planet for the glory of the Lord.
The Holy Spirit Choir members love you considering you as one of them.  The gift bearing the choir's logo  they offered you on Christmas last December is a sign of their affectionate friendship.
We hope to see you this April.
God bless.
Fr. Francis


We wish to have a photo of you pictured with both Holy Spirit back-bag and T-shirt on at the most significant land mark of your home state