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1 tháng 6, 2017

Fr. Francis, extend gratitude to the Holy Spirit Choir.....blest Pentecost celebration on Sunday

Thư của Thầy Rufino và Thư của Cha Nhứt

  • Rufino Zaragoza

Dear Fr. Francis,
I was not able to greet and say hello to many of the members of the Holy Spirit Choir last night.  Unfortunately the program was a bit too long, and I am sure that several had to leave immediately afterwards.  (I hope to work more closely with the program selections, to keep the Song Review shorter in the future.)
So, please extend to them, on Thursday night’s rehearsal, the gratitude of the OCP Vietnam team for their presence and participation in the Song Review last night.  Always wonderful to have them and you there.

I mentioned my regrets, in not being able to attend the Pentecost Choir celebration this coming Sunday.  Know that I will keep the group in my prayer, that day.  I have asked some of the OCPVietnam team to attend the Mass and reception, and if so, I will ask Tam to RSVP to you, so you know if one or two people will be attending.

Wishing you and the choir a blest Pentecost and choir anniversary celebration!



  • Nguyễn Văn Nhứt
Dear Brother,
It is so kind of you to speak well of us.  I understand that your heart is always big enough to leave some comfortable room to people whom you love and who love you.
Be sure that friends from OCP are always welcome.  
Thank you for your prayer.  We will miss you so much this year's celebration.  We will have your email posted on our choir blog and read during the reception.
By the way, I would like to remark the wrong singing of the triplets in the refrain of the song "Ang Katawan ni Kristo".  It is very common--and regrettable-- that many singers and even choir conductors could not distinguish triplet from syncopation. Besides, in some songs lyrics have been overlapped by instruments.  
My point is that our Song Reviews are meant to introduce to church choirs not only new songs of worship but also musically correct, beautiful and liturgically proper performance.       
God bless,