Tìm Kiếm

16 tháng 6, 2013

Welcome Sir Sky Page

The Holy Spirit Choir appreciates Sir Page’s help to improve our pronunciation of Holy Mass texts and lyrics of hymns in English so that we may serve God and the church congregation better.

Sir Sky Page has been falling in love with Vietnamese people since 2006 when he for the first time visited Viet Nam. Do you know that he comes here every year to meet his Vietnamese friends and students, teaches  them English unconditionally? His enthusiastic and joyful dedication makes our choir very happy.  Thank you for being a wonderful teacher to us, Sir. 

We  are also grateful for your life experiences that you shared with us sincerely. Those are really  meaningful and helpful lessons on how to deal with the most difficult situations .  Maybe, one should keep thinking positively and, above all, build his or her life on the eternal love of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank Him for living with us to the end of the world.