Tìm Kiếm

16 tháng 12, 2016

Fourth Sunday of Advent - Year A (December 18, 2016)

A.   Introduction to the Holy Mass

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Good morning!
Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for the Sunday Holy Mass celebration.
We celebrate this Sunday the fourth and last Week of Advent.  Christmas is coming nearer.  The joy of salvation brought by Christ, the Lord and Savior, is reaching its fullness.  
We pray in this Holy Mass that the Lord God, by putting the finishing touches to our human efforts in preparation for the birthday of His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, makes us worthy of all heavenly blessings.
Kindly all stand to sing the entrance hymn.  

B.         To the Readings

-       First Reading: Is 7:10-14

Exceptional signs for the coming Savior to be recognized by humanity were foretold by the Prophet Isaiah: He would be born of a virgin mother and named Emmanuel, meaning “God Is With Us.”  This prophecy has come true when the angel of the Lord God announced the Good News of Christ’s conception to the Blessed Virgin Mother. 
-       Second Reading: Rom 1:1-7

Saint Paul in the opening of his letter to the Romans solemnly professes his faith in Jesus Christ the Lord, true God and true man, Who came to call us from different parts of the world into the Holy Kingdom of God the Father.

 Hymns for Holy Mass

a)    ES #33 – Waiting In Silence
b)   EM page 39 – Let The King Of Glory Come
c)    ES #291 – The God Of All Grace
d)   ES #212 – There Is A Longing
e)    ES #38 – The Whole World Is Waiting For Love