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23 tháng 7, 2019

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C (July 28, 2019)

A. Introduction

a) To the Holy Mass

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Good morning!

Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for the celebration of the 17th Sunday in the Ordinary Time.

Together with the Apostles we ask the Lord to teach us how to pray. The Lord Jesus Christ did prepare for us the most beautiful prayer, “The Lord’s Prayer”, also known as “the Our Father”. We are allowed to call God “Our Father”. We express our love and concern for His Great Name, His Universal Kingdom, and His Holy Will. We ask Him for daily food, powerful protection from the Evil One. We thank Him for His pardon of our sins, and we promise Him our mutual forgiveness.

Let us all stand for the entrance song.

b) To the Readings

- First Reading: Gn 18:20-32

Sacred Scripture provides proofs to convince us of God’s immense mercy. The story of how God seemed to change His mind due to the patriarch Abraham’s persevering prayer simply sends us the message that Our God is merciful, slow to anger, but rich in pardoning sinners.

- Second Reading: Col 2:12-14

Evil consequences have caused us to die. But thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ God not only removed our sinfulness, but above all He raised us to new life in Christ Jesus, His Beloved Son, Our Lord and Savior.

B. Hymns For Holy Mass

a) Entrance: ES #184 - “He Is the Lord”
b) EM page 195
c) Response to Universal Prayer: “Lord, hear us!”
d) Offertory: ES #153 - “Our Blessing Cup”
e) Communion: ES #212 - “There Is A Longing”
f) Recessional: ES #207 - “Open My Eyes”