Tìm Kiếm

28 tháng 1, 2017

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (January 29, 2017)

A.     Introduction

a)      To the Holy Mass

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Good morning!
Welcome to Saint Dominic’s Parish Church for the Sunday Holy Mass celebration in the Fourth Week of the Ordinary Time, Year A.
This Sunday Holy Mass, falling into the Second Day of the Vietnamese New Year of the Rooster, brings us a message that at first sounds out of tune with people’s joyful celebration.  While the world encourages people to hurry up in the quest for riches and power, the Gospel tells us the opposite: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, the oppressed and the suffering for the Lord’s just cause.”  The reason for such a contrast lies in what Saint Paul terms as the difference between God’s wisdom and that of man.
We pray hard in this Holy Mass for the blessing of understanding of God’s Holy Will and the readiness to do it.
Kindly all stand for the entrance hymn.          

b)     To the Readings

-          First Reading: Zep 2:3; 3:12-13

From a world of wicked people, the Lord God has chosen a people set apart for His Holy Name to be worshipped. 

-          Second Reading: 1 Cor 1:26-31

The Christian community does not a club of the elite in the eyes of the world but they are of humble origin called by the merciful love of God to shame the proud. 

B.      Hymns for Holy Mass

a)    ES #122 – Now Is The Time
b)    EM pages 59-60
c)    ES #298 – All Good Gifts
d)    ES #291 – The God Of All Grace
e)    ES #354 – Hail, Holy Queen